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Shaft Repair with key way machining of a drying cylinder

Thanks to the mobile turning and milling unit of PANZER Engineering, a wide variety of tasks can be processed on site at paper machine without any problems, even complex structures and shapes can be processed and manufactured by using the programmable path commands.

For example, a the shaft repair with key way machining of a drying cylinder at the paper machine:

  • Turning (pre-turning) of the bearing fit / fitting surface
  • Sandblast the mating surface
  • Metallization / coating of the fitting surface obove the fitting diameter
  • Machining / grinding of the fitting surface to fit dimensions, e.g. Ø 380 n6
  • Post-processing / milling of the key way, e.g. 60 p9 x 180
Shaft Repair
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A wide variety of repair and production measures can of course be carried out with the mobile turning and milling unit, such as:

  • Mating surfaces on guide- and press rolls
  • Sliding surfaces for slide bearings
  • Fit seats for gears wheels
  • As well machining of rope grooves, ...