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Inspection programs for detecting non-conformities with regard to safety and performance before it gets too late. Non-destructive test methods help avoid accidents and unscheduled downtime. Corrective action and optimization measures are plannable as a result. Our inspection programs are developed and refined in accordance with TAPPI standards and recommendations. The methods we use are endorsed by leading insurance companies. As a Certified Inspector Level II – according to DIN EN ISO 9712 and the requirements of recommended practice SNT-TC-1A of ASNT for UT, MT, VT, we are a proven specialist qualified to perform Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and also safety inspections on your cylinders.



Services in brief

External cylinder testing

  • Ultrasonic testing of bolts in flange and core areas
  • Magnetic testing of flange and manhole faces
  • Head tilt testing of flange faces
  • Run-out testing according to TAPPI
  • Visual check of external cylinder components and surfaces

Internal cylinder testing

  • Spigot fit testing of flange connections
  • Soda straw blockage and clearance checks
  • Visual check of internal cylinder components
  • Visual check of condensate system (welds, bolts, general system condition)
  • Visual check of balancing weights
  • Visual check of internal condition of cylinder components and surfaces

Customized inspection programs

  • Based on customer-specific insurance requirements
  • Established annually or at extended intervals
  • Detailed reports including recommendations


Magnetic testing Level 2 (MT)

Utrasonic testing Level 2 (UT)

Visual testing Level 2 (VT)