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Producing more with less – that’s the big challenge facing paper manufacturers everywhere. Our customer-centric services help you achieve your goals.


Inspection programs

Inspection programs for detecting non-conformities with regard to safety and performance before it gets too late.

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Inspection and analysis

Inspection and analysis of surfaces as well as contour measurements on Yankee or MG cylinders, Pope reels, rewinders and drying cylinders.

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Dynamic balancing

Dynamic balancing of Yankee, MG or drying cylinders, fans, rotors, bolts, rolls, turbines and shafts in accordance with DIN ISO 1940-1.

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Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance services: Spot repairs, edge repairs, maintenance and repair of condensate and doctor systems, sealing, head bolt replacements, …

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Advice and assistance

Advice and assistance on all questions or problems related to production. Analyses, recommendations and detailed reports.

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