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PANZER Balancing

Eliminating dynamic unbalance, or at least reducing it to a minimum, is a top concern in the paper industry. The crux lies in the continuous increase in machine speed and hence in the load on individual components, which are not designed for significant residual unbalance. We use special, highly sensitive measurement technology to achieve optimal precision and roll balancing. The residual unbalance and balance quality are determined in accordance with DIN ISO 1940-1.

Services in brief

Dynamic balancing in accordance with DIN ISO 1940-1

  • Yankee cylinders
  • MG cylinders
  • Drying cylinders
  • Fans, rotors and propellers
  • Rolls, turbines and shafts
  • Removal of old balancing weights and expert mounting of new weights
  • Detailed reports including recommendations

In addition to cylinders and rotors for paper manufacturers, we also balance hydroelectric turbines, for example, as well as rolls and shafts for many different purposes. Contact us for more information – we’ll be happy to advise you.