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Strong cooperation: Joh. Clouth PaperTec GmbH and PANZER Engineering

The networking and smooth interaction of various specialist disciplines and services also play an important role in the paper-producing industry. This is the aim of the cooperation between Joh. Clouth PaperTec GmbH and PANZER Engineering. The advantage of this partnership is obvious: Achieve high quality results for our customers even faster and more efficiently!

The long-term experience and competence of Clouth is particularly evident when it comes to doctor blades: all doctor blades, coater blades and creping blades are manufactured exclusively on our own production machines, more than 80% of which were developed in-house, which guarantees maximum quality and flexibility. Clouth products are used on every third paper machine worldwide and on more than every second paper machine in Europe.

However, when cylinder surfaces are concerned with grinding, coating or balancing, Tobias Müller, Peter Weber and Bernd Fröhlich - the sales team of Joh. Clouth PaperTec GmbH for D / A / CH – rely on the competence of PANZER Engineering. Likewise with project planning, conversions or revisions. Joh. Clouth PaperTec GmbH and PANZER Engineering: Successful together with a strong partnership!

In the picture from left to right: Jürgen Panzer, Tobias Müller, Bernd Fröhlich, Peter Weber